NED Vanilla Wax 40gm (The Vanilla One)

The Lavender One

The Fresh One

The Outback One

The Oasis One

Hydrating Conditioning Shampoo is a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner that leaves your beard and other body hair feeling clean and refreshed. Ideal for using before applying NEDs Beard Oil and Wax. The rich cleansing formula contains a natural blend of Jojoba Oil, Abyssinian Oil, Peppermint Oil and Aloa Vera, providing a refreshing yet thorough deep cleanse that is mild enough for daily use.

The Comb

Our signature matte black metal comb conveniently doubles as a beer bottle opener.
(special edition comes with canvas case)

Duo Box #1

NED Beard Shampoo and Lavender Oil

NED TRIO PACK – Lavender Oil, Vanilla Wax & Comb

Oil, Wax and Comb. You’re set!
(normally $75)